Holiday Lighting Tips

Here Are Some Tips For Lighting!

This week is the start when many families begin their annual tradition of getting their home ready for the holidays! Getting your outdoor lighting in order, down to the style and types of lights you hang, all play a part in holiday home preparations. With all the fun and excitement of preparing for the holidays and trying to outdo all the neighbors, it’s easy to forget some basic and important safety tips for your outdoor lighting. In this blog post we have outlined some important home safety tips for your holiday lighting so that your family can enjoy the holidays without any mishaps.

Inspect Light Strings

Before you hang your lights, be sure to inspect the strings for fraying, cracked cords or broken sockets. If you find any of these issues with your lights, throw them away and buy new ones. Problems like these are a fire hazard, especially with outdoor lights.

Replace Burnt Out Bulbs

Some people think that if a light is burnt out, they can either leave it in the string or remove it and leave the light socket empty. On the contrary, an empty light socket can cause the entire string to overheat. This in turn will destroy the entire string, burning out more lights, or cause a fire.

Do Not Attach Light Strings with Staples or Nails

It is best to hang outdoor light strings with hooks or approved hangars. Using staples or nails can cut through the wire contributing to a fire hazard. Not only will you destroy your lights, you are putting holes in your roof, shingles, and gutters by using the wrong materials to hang your lights.

Use UL Rated Lighting

Lastly, it is important to make sure any of the lights you hang outdoors are UL rated for Exterior use. These lights are made specifically for outdoor use, unlike indoor lights. All outdoor lights need to be weather resistant, including any extension cords, or other items used to help light up the exterior of your home for the holidays.

For more holiday lighting tips or help hanging your outdoor holiday lights, call the electrical professionals Absolute Electrical, Heating and Air.