Saving Energy At Home

We all want to save money when it comes to running the household. We clip coupons, go on the hunt for the cheapest deals, and some of us run our homes efficiently as possible. Then there's everyone else, casually living at home without any strategy behind their energy use. If that sounds like you, it’s ok, we are here for you.

Here is a brief easy guide to work towards your way of improving your energy savings at home. Who knows, these may inspire you to learn more and cut some corners on spend at home! If there are any other tips you have, feel free to share with us on Facebook!

1. Sealing cracks, gaps, leaks, and adding insulation can improve your home heating and cooling costs by up to 10%. That’s right, stopping the air from going out or from coming into your home will help greatly! During winter, you will have to crank up the heat in a room that will not get warm and vice versa with summer, you will crank up the cool for a room that is staying hot. Chances are, your windows are allowing air to go in and out via cracks or leaks in your seals. Get that checked out ASAP!

2. During these up and coming hot months, close your blinds, shades, or drapes on the sunny side of the house. It will assist with keeping your home cooler and reduce the strain on your AC.

3. Use natural light when possible. It’s free. If you aren’t one to open up the home to outside light, switch over to using LED light bulbs. LEDs are a bit expensive at first purchase but are overall the most cost-effective over a period of time. Not to mention, they also illuminate much better compared to other light bulbs.

4. Program your thermostat or install a programmable thermostat that will auto adjust temperatures according to your schedule. When you just get home, cranking the thermostat to heat up or cool down the place isn’t so great for your HVAC. It’s best to set it to a temperature while you’re out, then lowering it or raising it gradually when you’re back home. It's also important to ensure that your air conditioner is running properly so it remains as energy efficient as possible. Our team can help you with any repair, replacement, or maintenance needs.

5. Turn off the lights. Flip the switch when you’re leaving the room. Lights are typically around 12% of your overall home energy bill.

We hope these tips are helpful! Let us know if you take any of these on as a project. Remember, whether your residential or commercial property has repair, replacement, maintenance or new installation needs, you can count on us to fleetingly come to your rescue. Contact us today for any of your electrical needs by giving us a call (844) 242-4590.