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Could Your Old Wiring Could Be a Commercial Fire Hazard?

Could Your Old Wiring Could Be a Commercial Fire Hazard?

Have you ever thought about the old wiring in the deep walls of your commercial space? If your office or your house is housed in a building that was built around 20 to 40 years back, the chances are that you rarely pay attention to the wiring behind the drywall. And mind this, this is one of the leading causes of fire in these buildings. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why the old wiring in your building can be a commercial fire hazard.

  1. Poorly Modified Wiring

Commercial spaces are mostly modified as the tenants come and go and it’s common that most of the wiring has not been tinkered over the years. Yet a majority of the electricians and technicians that repair these corporate spaces are not qualified enough to make the major upgradations in the electric wiring. This results in the presence of poor connections, loose live wires, and many other issues.

  1. Low Ampere Wiring

Think about the appliances that we used to have in the past. We did not have any smart devices, computers, printers, fax machines, etc. back then. In a nutshell, the present-day office is way much equipped with a lot of equipment as compared to the offices belonging two decades back. Therefore, the offices that were designed earlier did not have the wiring that could handle so many equipment. This is the reason why we get to see instances of fire in office spaces that are inside old buildings.

  1. Old Insulation

Old wiring directly implies to old insulation that covers them. Similar to everything else, the insulation also wears off with time. The reason may be any-damage by the rodents and insects, damage by nails and screws drilled in the walls or just the decomposition of the insulation. Whatever be the reason, in case the old insulation wears off, it leaves the wiring exposed, which in turn can lead to fire or chances of getting an electric shock.

  1. Defective Breakers

Do you remember the last time you upgraded your circuit panel? If not, then it is highly possible that the breakers and switches present in the panel have become faulty too. In order to maintain complete security from fire hazards, make sure that your circuit panel is upgraded from time to time.

Truth be told, it does not take for old wiring in the commercial places to turn into a hazardous place for its occupants. In order to avoid falling prey to any unfortunate events, get in touch with Absolute Electrical, Heating and Air to get all your building’s wire checked and repaired if faulty. For more information about our services, click here.


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