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AC Maintenance

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To keep your air conditioning unit up-and-running, regular maintenance is a must. With maintenance scheduled and performed by the Denver AC technicians of Absolute Electrical, Heating and Air Services, you can unlock a number of benefits you are sure to appreciate.

The two best benefits of regular AC maintenance include:

  • Stay comfortable: A well-maintained air conditioner or cooling system will run efficiently year-round. You do not need to worry about there being a hot, uncomfortable day.
  • Save money: Your AC unit will run better when maintained properly. An efficient AC unit will lower your electricity bill. Also, you are more likely to avoid big repairs or replacements, which can save you plenty.

Do you know the last time your air conditioner was maintained? If you cannot recall it off the top of your head, then that probably means it has been too long! Contact us at your next opportunity to schedule a service, or to request a detailed estimate.

Maintaining Your AC Unit is Essential

There are many moving parts in your home or business’s air conditioner. All of those parts can wear down and cause a defect or break. Maintenance can catch those problems before they worsen, or ensure they never happen at all.

During an AC maintenance service call, we may:

  • Check and clean the air filter
  • Clean the outside unit
  • Clear the drain line
  • Check and refill refrigerant levels
  • Check the compressor and valves for wear and tear
  • Inspect other miscellaneous internal components

Keep in mind that each air conditioning unit and cooling system is different from the next in some way. The system checks and maintenance we do for one customer might not be the same we do for you, depending on the make, model, and brand of your AC unit. Thankfully, our Denver cooling system technicians have the insight and industry experience needed to work on virtually every type of AC system out there.

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