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Do you find yourself replacing fuses or tripping circuit breakers often in your home? There might be an issue with your electrical panels. Perhaps it is time for one of our Denver electrical panel upgrades to a more modern system that is better equipped to handle the amount of electricity you use in your home, preventing the possibility of an electrical house fire.

Our Denver electricians can visit your home, investigate and inspect your current electrical panel set-up, and determine what size electrical panel is right for your family. Should our Denver residential electrician recommend replacement or repair, we will provide you with a detailed estimate for your replacement or repair options.

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Upgrading Your System from Fuses to Circuits

Fuses have become a concept of the past. Most insurance companies won’t even allow the resale of a home without replacing a fuse box with an electrical panel. Fuse boxes are dangerous and don’t efficiently regulate amperage. A 15 amp fuse can be replaced with a twenty or even thirty amp fuse.

Fuses are rated by the wire size, not amperage, so replacing old fuses with bigger ones to avoid burnout became common. This, however, also increased the chances of a house fire. Due to the hazardous nature of fuse boxes, the shift has been made to electrical panels. Our Denver electrical panel upgrades will help you, securing your home against electrical fires in the fuse box.

When to Increase the Amperage of Electricity Flowing into Your Home

Just because you switch from fuses to circuit breakers doesn’t mean you have to increase the total amperage of electricity going into your home. If you originally had a 100 amp box, there is no need to increase the amps. There are, however, exceptions.

You may need to increase the total amperage of electricity running into your home if:

  • You are building a new addition to your home
  • You are remodeling and adding sockets
  • You have an increase of electrical components, such as a home theater or a home office
  • You have upgraded your major appliances, such as the refrigerator, dishwasher or washer/dryer

Absolute Electrical, Heating and Air Can Handle the Job

If you constantly have circuit breakers tripping or need to upgrade from a fuse box to an electrical panel, our electricians in Denver can get the job done to your satisfaction. Our Denver electrical repair technicians have been in the business of electricity for a long time and have the expertise to recommend viable solutions for your unique situation, whether it's in your home or business.

Give us a call at (303) 309-4239 or use our online form for more information on your fuses, breakers, and panels. We proudly serve the Denver Metro area and Boulder.

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