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Subpanel Installation in the Denver Metro Area & Boulder

An Electrical Subpanel Is Basically an Extension of Your Primary Electrical Panel

Consider it a secondary breaker box. Instead of originating at the main service panel, electrical circuits can begin at a nearby subpanel that’s powered from the main panel through a heavy-gauge cable. By putting your subpanel where the majority of your home’s wiring exists, you can cut down on the costs of the project. In addition, if a breaker trips, you won’t have far to go to reset it.

Are You Finishing Your Basement?

When adding new circuits, plugs, and lights to a basement, a subpanel can give you enough slots on your main panel. Our Denver electricians can ensure that this is done safely and according to your needs.

Remodeling Your Kitchen?

The kitchen uses the most electricity out of any other room. Older homes may not have enough circuits for an updated kitchen appliances or many of today’s conveniences. If this is the case, a subpanel can help bring you the power that you need by increasing the circuits in your kitchen.

Installing a Hot Tub?

Adding a spa to your property is more than just a simple plug and play operation. If your spa is 220 volt, you’ll need a subpanel installed with a GFCI certified break or breakers to comply with UL listings from the manufacturer. To pass inspections and your homeowner’s insurance requirements, the subpanel should be wired between the main meter and the spa itself.

Our experienced Denver electricians know the various regulations and offer an estimate to install a subpanel in your home! Call (303) 309-4239 today.

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