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Ceiling fans are incredibly popular additions to homes. They not only look beautiful, but they add a degree of comfort and functionality to whatever space they are in. The majority of ceiling fans include a light fixture that allows you to see better, plus keep air circulating throughout a space, keeping you feeling more comfortable all year long without the added energy cost of running your central heating and air conditioning system. In fact, the Department of Energy, ENERGY STAR, and several other organizations all agree—ceiling fans make you more comfortable and keep more money in your pocket when used regularly.

Looking to install a ceiling fan in your home? Need an old fan replaced with a beautiful, new model? At Absolute Electrical, Heating & Air, we offer comprehensive ceiling fan installation services for your home or business. We carry and install top-quality models from major manufacturers or name brands, which means we can help you find the perfect ceiling fan that matches your décor and makes your home even more beautiful than ever before. We make sure every fan is properly wired and installed in accordance with all local electrical codes for a longer lasting installation that won’t give you any problems in the event of a property inspection. We can even fix old installations and bring them up to date with requirements and regulations when installing your new fan for your complete peace of mind. When it comes to total installations, we make sure the job is done quickly, thoroughly, and completely so you can enjoy your fan right away with the peace of mind that it will work as it should.

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New Fan Installations

Adding a new fan to your home is easier than you think! Skilled Thornton fan installation experts can hook up your fan to an existing electrical circuit running through your home. Once they locate a source of power, they plot where to install the fan for optimal beauty and superior performance. They also determine where to connect your fan to a switch and place the switch where it’s convenient and easy-to-operate in your home. In fact, most of the time a switch can be easily added to already-existing switch panels somewhere in your room. This makes ceiling fan installations easier and faster than you may have ever thought possible.

Ceiling Fan Replacements

Do you have an old ceiling fan that simply doesn’t work, makes a ton of noise, or just looks ugly with new decorations or updates to your home? These fans are an important part of your home, much like your furniture or paint. When you want to replace your fan, we come directly to you and install your new unit quickly and effectively. Not only do we make sure the new fan works properly, but we also make sure it’s safe to use and free from problems or defects that may be left over from the previous installation.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Outdoor fans are becoming particularly popular for those who like to take advantage of their outdoor space. Summer months are a great time for barbecue and enjoying lunch or dinner in the outdoor warmth, and ceiling fans make the air cooler and more enjoyable. We make sure all of our outdoor ceiling fan installations are up to standard, water-tight, and safe to use in an environment where water may be present. Whether you have a permanent patio cover or a simple deck shade, we make sure that your fan is ready for the rigors of outdoor use.

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