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Are you tired of poor indoor air quality making something as simple as breathing difficult? Do you suffer from sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, and other allergy-like symptoms? Do you have asthma and find that life at home is as much or even more miserable than life anywhere else? These are all signs that you may be suffering from poor indoor air quality. Believe it or not, this is far more common than you might think. In fact, some experts estimate that the air in the average home could sometimes be as much as ten times worse than the air outside. For those who struggle with poor indoor air quality, or who are particularly sensitive to bad air, this is an unsettling fact.

If you’re looking for relief from poor-quality indoor air or want a solution that can help you breathe easier, Absolute Electrical Heating and Air is the name to turn to. We understand indoor air quality—our technicians have all undergone hours of rigorous training, and are continually learning in order to be able to serve you better. We’ve helped customers in Thornton and the entire surrounding community get the air quality solution they’ve been looking for in order to allow them to breathe easier and happier. From simple, routine issues to complex air quality problems, we offer products and services that can help, along with a customer experience that’s unmatched. We treat you and your home with respect, and give you the attention and care that you deserve because your satisfaction is more than just our goal—it’s our mission.

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How Can We Improve Your Air?

Your indoor air can suffer in many ways. While most people believe that keeping doors and windows shut to keep the supposedly “poor” air outside from getting in, the truth is this usually contributes to the air in your home degrading significantly until it’s many times worse than what you’d breathe outside. Odors can set in, dust can multiply, and before you know it you’re dealing with a host of other issues. At Absolute Electrical Heating and Air, we help with these issues, and can get you a solution that’s affordable, dependable, and gives you the clean and great-quality air you need to improve your life.

Our team can help with all types of indoor air quality issues, including:

  • High levels of dust
  • Pollen issues
  • Airborne bacteria
  • Lack of humidity control
  • Poor ventilation
  • Household odors

Humidity Problems?

Humidity may not seem like a problem in Florida, but it can cause a number of problems for your home. Too much humidity can cause issues like mold growth, particularly in stagnant or damp areas. Not enough humidity can cause dry skin or brittle-feeling hair. One is more common in summer while the other is far more common in winter. If you struggle with either of these issues, Absolute Electrical Heating and Air has a solution that can help. And what’s best: many of these solutions can be seamlessly integrated right into your already existing heating and cooling equipment!

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