5 Things You Absolutely Should Not Plug Into a Power Strip

Do you have more appliances and gadgets than outlets? Power strips can overcome this problem, but they have their limitations. They’re designed for low-power consumers such as computers and electronics. Overload them and you risk tripping breakers or an electrical fire due to overheating.

Overloaded extension cords and power strips account for about 2,000 home fires every year. Here’s what you absolutely shouldn’t plug into power strips.


The refrigerators is one of your home's largest appliances and it requires a lot of power to keep your food and beverages cold. Your power strip can’t handle all the energy needed to do the job. Your circuit breaker could trip or your powerstrip could overheat.

Microwaves and toaster ovens

With a microwave, you don’t have to wait long to prepare your favorite dinner or make a late-night snack, but you should always plug it directly into a wall outlet. Otherwise, you risk overloading your power strip, tripping your breaker, or causing a fire. The same rule applies to toast ovens and air fryers.

Portable Heaters

Electric space heaters are not the safest option to begin with. Plugging them into a power strip only increases the danger.

Air Compressors

Many people have air compressors in their garages, using them to inflate vehicle and bike tires and power certain tools. It requires more energy than your power stip can provide. Always use a wall outlet if you want to protect your electrical system and avoid fire hazards.

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