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Too Hot or Too Cold? Let Us Help by Installing a New Fan!

Your house is stifling hot in the summer and downright cold in the winter. When you adjust the thermostat, you see a noticeable hike on your energy bill. You’re not out of options! New fans can help fight the heat during the hottest times of the year and really take the bite out of the chill of winter.

Absolute Electrical, Heating and Air, we are your go-to team for electrical service in Denver, CO, can discuss your fan needs for your home or business, and install new energy-efficient ceiling fans in your home or business. Furthermore, we can help with your attic and exhaust fan needs as well! With extensive knowledge and experience, our fully licensed and insured technicians can provide you with superior workmanship and customer satisfaction.

Ceiling Fans Are an Ideal Option to Help Regulate Temperature

Ceiling fans installed in the home or office are far more than just decorative. They have a distinct function, as well: to help warm or cool an area. While a ceiling fan cannot actually emit hotter or colder air into the room, the direction in which it turns can help to raise or lower the temperature.

Hot air typically rises to the top of the environment. Therefore, when a ceiling fan is spinning clockwise, it pushes the warm air down the sides of the room and forces it to recirculate back into the main part of the space. When the blades are spinning counter-clockwise, the opposite effect occurs.

The cool air is sucked down from the upper half of the area and redistributed into the central area. To change the direction a fan is turning, there is a switch on the base of the fan. Our Denver electricians will be happy to show this to you during the installation process.

How to Get the Most from Your Ceiling Fan

Here are a few pointers to help you get the maximum benefit from your ceiling fan:

  • Keep it together- Put your ceiling fan in the same room as the thermostat. This allows the thermostat to get an accurate reading, saving energy
  • Blade angle- A 12 to 14-degree blade angle is optimum for providing maximum, yet comfortable air flow
  • Change directions- Typically, when the switch on your fan is up, the fan will turn clockwise, which is what you want for winter months. Down will turn counter-clockwise for summertime.
  • Turn the heat down- Experiment by lowering your thermostat after you have reversed the blade direction. You may find you don’t need to have the heat up so high.

Call Absolute Electrical, Heating and Air for Your New Fan

Whether it’s time to replace your old ceiling fan or install a new one, our electrical service in Denver has got you covered. We will make sure your fan is fully operational so that you can enjoy a cooler summer or warmer winter. Our Denver ceiling fan installation technicians can help you with all of your fan needs: attic fans and exhaust fans too! Call us today!

Contact us at (303) 309-4239 or use our online form for fan installation pricing today. Absolute Electrical, Heating and Air will solve all of your fan-related problems with friendly, reliable service.

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